terms and conditions



Rates are based on regular working hours of 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. All rates include use of the facility, online and offline rooms for editing or graphics, office equipment, VO area, phone and internet usage, all tape decks, BetaSP, DV Cam, Mini DV, and DVD formats are included in the facility rental. Tape stock, other expendables and non-royalty-free music , stock footage, video, graphics, etc will be billed on a usage basis.

Editing and graphic studio rates are charged in one-hour increments, with a 2-hour minimum charge. Day rate with an editor or graphic artist includes up to 9 hours, charged at an 8-hour rate. Overtime is charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate for the first 4 hours, and double time after 12 hours. Weekend rates may be billed at 1.5 times the daily rate. An after hours surcharge of $25/per hour applies before 9am and after 6pm and all day on weekends. Day rates for editing or audio studios without an editor or technician are available upon request, and includes up to 12 hours of studio usage, charged at an 8 hour rate plus a surcharge of $25/hour that applies before 9am and after 6pm, all day on weekends and when the facility is otherwise empty. In the event that the Client demands an editor or technician with an unusually specialized skill set, that person’s higher hourly rate may be passed on to the Client by JL Edit. Production rush jobs may incur a 2-hour studio time minimum. All jobs are billed for time and materials, not for flat rate or project rate, unless pre-arranged before the start of the session. 

Portable editing and graphic systems are charged in daily increments. Shipping, insurance, and transportation to be paid by client. Labor rate for editor/graphic artist is based on an 8-hour minimum. Local on-site design rates are charged with a 4-hour minimum. Overtime is charged as explained above. Per Diem, travel and accommodations to be paid by client.

Proper notice of cancellation is required 72 hours in advance. Notice given later than 24 hours may be billed at 100% of the time scheduled; notice given later than 48 hours may be billed at 50% of the time scheduled. Cancellation fee may be waived if session is rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice; Payment terms are net 15 days.

If JL Edit places the account in the hands of an attorney or collection agency for collection or recovery, customer agrees to pay reasonable attorneys’ or agency fees, court costs and any other costs which may accrue. A service charge of 10% per month will be charged on all accounts after 30 days. Unless credit is approved, advance payment is required.  All rates are subject to change without notice. Rush charges may apply. Jobs that leave the facility with a client’s approval are due and payable.

Client’s tapes or other materials that are receive processed, and stored by Jon Lewis Video Editing Services (JLEdit) are solely at the clients risk. All damages consequential or otherwise (including, without limitation, lost profits and revenue) are expressly assumed by Client. JL Edit shall not be help liable or responsible for loss, damage, destruction of tapes or any property, for delay, for acts or omissions by our personnel, or for equipment failure for any reason, nor shall JL Edit be liable for any consequential damages associated with such loss, damage or destruction. Client is responsible for insurance of masters, dub masters, or source tapes/media, camera originals, equipment or other materials at or left with JL Edit.

Project files are archived and are kept for up to 2 years as a courtesy. Project elements are transferred to a long term storage medium. Long-term media storage can be obtained by request on removable storage drives.  While taking precautions to protect media and assets JL Edit shall not be held liable or responsible for any media loss, failure, system changes, damage or for any consequential damages associated with such loss, damage or destruction.

Client warrants that all materials supplied to JL Edit by the Client do not in any way defame, violate or infringe on copyright or any other rights of any other person, firm or corporation. Client is responsible for any copyright clearances, clearances for talent, locations, and production materials that are supplied to JL Edit by the client for use in the creation of the project, including, but not limited to, stock footage, music and photographs. Client agrees to indemnify and hold JL Edit, its owners, associated employees and independent contractors harmless from any liability of damages for infringement of copyright arising from the use or duplication of material supplied by the customer and agrees to pay all legal fees.

JL Edit will on occasion use project content and finished projects for promotional purposes, on JL Edit promotional web sites or as examples to potential clients or colleagues.  

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