Jon has been in the post business for over 25 years working on a variety of network and broadcast productions, and corporate media projects for numerous organizations. Jon’s extensive background has enabled him to develop compelling creative projects that ultimately deliver a final product that are effective, visually appealing and motivates an audience.

Collaboration, a commitment to high quality, and attention to the details is always essential to achieving that goal.

Able to wear both hats, both as an editor and motion designer (2D and 3D), is a unique combination and clients find that it is an invaluable asset. 

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, he is available as a freelancer on site, or with a studio with a team of experienced professionals that can be tailored to the projects scale and budget. 

He is fluent with Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and Avid for editing, After Effects, Cinema 4D and other Adobe products for graphics design, he also finds ways to raise the bar and further enhance the final product by adding sound design, color correction, and visual effects, and is familiar working on all surfaces.

Building strong relationships with clients is the backbone to JL Edit and Motion. Many of Jon’s clients are repeat business, and that speaks for itself. Jon strives to create quality projects on a consistent basis, and is always exploring ways to make a project better and to enhance a story or message. His goal is always the same… to create an effective, appealing product that motivates an audience, and to always exceed expectations and finish within budget.

Here is an updated reel with some new material. Thanks for watching! Jon