JL Editorial and Motion Design is in the business of creating moments, telling a story, and conveying a message. Taking the producer’s vision and turning it into something that exceeds their expectations is always our ultimate goal. Collaboration is essential to reach that goal.

We develop partnerships with people and organizations, and help them to define and create their visual media strategies. We have the experience of working with national organizations and network productions with leading edge technology, and offer the affordability and convenience to match your needs.

Whether it is a corporate, a high-end commercial, or broadcast piece, the goal is always the same, to create a final product that is effective, visually appealing, yet is delivered on time and on budget.

Jesse Carpenter a producer at NASA Ames sums it up best, ”Jon doesn’t just offer one solution as a path to project completion, he takes the journey with you to make sure you can navigate to the best choices along the way and achieve the best possible final results.”