When NASA Ames was looking to updated their branding elements for the media they produce, they came to JL Edit and Motion. Producer Jesse Carpenter had this to say about the project, “Working with JL Edit and Motion gave me, as the producer, creative options and flexibility to make our final results even better than my end client expected to see.

We designed and created three branding products for NASA Ames in both 2D and 3D. For the first project we developed and animated a Branding ID, to be used as an end tag on NASA Ames productions. The second, was an open title sequence for a new web series produced at NASA Ame focusing on the the center. Lastly we created an open title for a documentary series about the Kepler Mission.

Jesse sums it up with this, “Jon doesn’t just offer one solution as a path to project completion, he takes the journey with you to make sure you can navigate to the best choices along the way and achieve the best possible final results.”