Visually compelling design is achieved by collaboration, a commitment to high quality and where attention to the details is always essential.

As a motion graphic designer, Jon has numerous years of experience working as a graphics artist, designer, with clients on a variety of jobs and projects.

Jon is fluent with Adobe After Effects CC and Cinema 4D and other Adobe Products and works in both 2D and 3D. Experience working on large scale projects to simple web based media and the ability to work both as a graphic designer and as an editor is a unique combination and clients find that it is an invaluable asset.

As a graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, he is available as a freelancer on site, or with a studio with a team of experienced professionals that can be tailored to the projects scale and budget. Primarily working with Final Cut Pro (Classic and X) Premire Pro and Avid for editing, After Effects, Cinema 4D and other Adobe products for graphics design, he also finds ways to raise the bar and further enhance the final product by adding sound design, visual effects, and treatments.